Hello All, 
Want to start by saying a huge Thank You to, Matt Hitchcock, John Barresi,Jess McLean and to all the board members for a great 2016 show!! Would also like to Thank all the judges ,Dean Ursitti, Chris Horne, Bryan Stillwelland George McGinnity for all there hard work. Thank you all who attended this years show and making it a huge success!! 
I am very honored to have been nominated and voted in as your new Maryland Taxidermist Association President!! I'm going do my best to make our 2017 show a great success along with new Vice President Howard Kennard and all board members. 
In the next few days I will be announcing the dates for next years show. Please have patience with me in learning the position of President but I will be doing all I can in making next years show the best.

Thank You and God bless